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                                                                                                                       Soul Mates

                   The soul mate idea is one of the biggest questions many people have about their love life when they think about matters
                   of love.  What is this idea of a soul mate based on?  The idea is that there is one perfect soul that we all meet for ourselves
                   in our lives that is the only perfect soul that can best be matched with us in life for love.  Almost every person feels a longing
                   for companionship.

                   However, though most people may put the onus on the idea that there is only one perfect soul or person in life to be
                   matched up with love wise, does that mean that the others we meet along the way are not important?  Quite contrary. 

                   There are 2 ideas to keep in mind here as we ponder this.  Taken from the Edgar Cayce readings in part, we must first
                   remember that we are here ultimately for our own soul’s purpose.  That is, we are here for our own individual journeys. 
                   Secondly, from a reincarnation standpoint, there have been many souls that we have been with and many roles
                   that we have played for other souls we have met along the way

                   Many psychic concepts cover the ideas of “soul mates” or “twin souls.”  Though we may play many roles in our soul
                   journey throughout many lifetimes and affect many others, there may be certain souls that we tend to spend more time
                   with as our energy patterns seem to mingle better with some than others.  So taken from that perspective, there may be
                   a few souls that we have been with physically in many lifetimes, that when we cross paths again in the current life, we
                   seem to “hit it off” and things just click.  Yet with others, we have to work and work to strike up a conversation. 

                   That said marriage is one main avenue where such a strong soul attraction and bond can be created throughout many
                   lifetimes.  That is not to say that marriage is needed or required to create this bond, however it is one of the main ones
                   due to its shared responsibility and commitment.  Also, and this is a very important point, it is not to say that when we find
                   what we deem to be our soul mate, that things are guaranteed to work out.  There is work in every incarnation we have
                   Things do not usually just fall in to place, although for some this is true. 

                    As well, is there only one “soul mate” that is ideal in any one given lifetime.  Well, in reality, this can only really be
                    answered by the person in question.  However, is it possible to have more than one?  The answer to this is yes,
                    and the reason is because we have been in contact with more than one soul over our soul’s journey in the
                    physical plane (earth). 

                    This all said, what exactly is a soul mate?  A soul mate in reality is a compliment to self.  That means that a soul mate
                    is an ideal soul compliment to another soul in any given lifetime.  This is also characterized by the fact that outside of
                    physical attraction, it is extremely important to be aware of your own ideals and the ideals of your “potential” partner in
                    matters of love. If you are not on the same page in the current life, matters of conflict are almost inevitable.

                    A soul mate should be a partner whose ideals in life are similar to yours as well on all levels (mental, spiritual,
                    emotional and physical)
it is the compliment that best suits and aids your own development.  For where there is
                    reciprocation in life from one to another, harmony will ultimately follow. 

                    The 2nd concept of “twin souls” takes a rather different perspective on this as well, however the same conditions in
                    essence apply, that being the ideal of the individuals.  In twin soul concepts, from the Cayce perspective, twin souls do
                    not necessarily have any
connection on the physical plane, although this can apply.  Twin souls according to
                    the Cayce perspective share a common ideal or purpose.

                    An example of this is the role between Mary and Jesus in the beginning.  Mary was the perfect channel for the soul
                    of Jesus to come through into the physical as her ideals and commonality in purpose were the same as what were the
                    purpose of Jesus’ soul in the earth.

                    Finally, we might ask, “Where does all this business of soul – mates and twin – souls take us?  Is our destiny to find and
                    be re- united with some other special soul?”  This is not the approach of the Cayce readings.  They refer to Jesus’ teaching
                    that in the heavenly kingdom we are neither married nor given in marriage.  As helpful as marriage relationships may
                    be in the earth, beyond this material plane it is our destiny to find
wholeness within our own souls.  If one must
                    think in terms of being destined to ultimate union with some other soul, then think of that other soul as the Christ soul.  One
                    reading said, “But know, the soul is rather the soul-mate of the universal consciousness than of an individual
  In other words, we are soul mates and citizens of the universe at large and not necessarily on the earth.

                    The principle of soul-mates and twin souls are therefore potentially both helpful and misleading.  These concepts can
                    help us understand some of the key factors in making a wise choice of a marriage partner and can remind us that some
                    relationships are tremendous storehouses of love and helpfulness which can be re-wakened.  However, these concepts
                    can be misleading if we forget that our ultimate companion is the Christ, or if we are tempted to leave the responsibilities
                    of relationships to which we have already committed ourselves in this lifetime.

                    One other point which is key in understanding and keeping in mind the fruitfulness of relationships in any one given
                    lifetime is the concept of karma.  Any intentions sent forth by ourselves through the act of self serving will ultimately
                    cause karmic
consequences which will have to be met yet again in another lifetime.  That said it is very important
                    and critical to understand why you are attracted to certain souls, your potential involvement with them and intentions
                    toward them
.  Relationships entered into in life with the purpose of physical gratification only, will ultimately lead to
                    karmic undoing.  For life is more than the physical.  When all 4 levels are in balance, only then will the most fruitful
                    experience be experienced and enjoyed by those souls involved.