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Psychic Reading Links
             Tarot Card Readings
                           Astrology Readings                       Numerology Readings            
1. Tarot Card Reading (Individual)          1. Birth Chart                                 1. Personal Life Report
                            2. Group Parties                                    2. Relationship Compatibility  
           2. Relationship Compatibility
                                                                                        3. Solar Return (Annual)                 3. Personal Year Report             
                                                                                        4. Baby Birth Chart                        4. Name Changes Report
                                                                                                                                                (Baby Names/Company
                                                                                                                                                 Names/Personal Names)

Readings can be done by:
                                  - Getting together
                                  - Phone
                                  - MSN Messenger
                                  - Skype
  Astrology and Numerology reports can be e-mailed Please contact me before purchasing a
    reading or making arrangements to have one.
                     Tarot Cards
                            Consultations consist of addressing your most immediate questions first.  I then use an astrological spread to
                                   cover all other aspects of your life including others that you may want to ask questions about.

                                                                                 Phone consultations available


                                                                                         Group Parties
                            For those interested in a group party for Tarot Card readings or Tarot combined with Palmistry,
, or Astrology, please contact me to let me know how you would like to organize your event. 
                            I can combine readings depending on your party size and length of gathering.

                            Please contact me for more details.









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