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  My healing abilities were not apparent to me until later in my teenage life.  However, upon
  completing my high school education, my interest was in Training.  I completed my education 
  background in Social Work, Human Resources and a Certificate in Web Site Design.  My
  interest was in following my path to become a Computer Trainer.  My healing abilities began to 
  emerge in my early 20's but I was not interested in following that path.  It was not until the   
  passing of my youngest sister to cancer that my healing abilities in the "laying on of hands"
  became stronger. 
  Following this, my intuitive capacity also started to grow stronger as did my ability to access and
  apply various divining systems.  This included psychic readings through the use of Tarot,
, Numerology, Palm Readings, Clairvoyance, Tea Cups, Dowsing,
and the ability to see Auras

   Though my vested interest was in following what I studied academically, my natural ability to carry out readings was
   becoming stronger and more apparent.  So I started taking part in various events in the city, private parties, corporate
   events and fundraisers, all where I could do psychic readings for others and give them direction through the readings they
   received.  This began to grow in popularity and eventually brought me to the point of creating my own small business
   where I could provide readings for individuals seeking them and gaining clarity to the questions they had.  I have committed
   my abilities to providing psychic readings to give "clarity" and "direction" to those seeking readings, not in telling them
   what to do but rather empowering them through the readings to make more "clearer" and "empowered" choices for their

   I do believe that we all possess innate psychic abilities on some level within.  The reason for me is that we are all made in
   the image of infinity (whatever that may be for us) so we are endowed with natural abilities as souls.  The reason some
   of us are more "attuned" than others in my perspective is that some of us have used our various abilities throughout our past
   lives and have brought them in with us, already somewhat developed.  The other part is that our subconscious mind
   (dream state) remembers everything, but our conscious mind (physical waking state) deals with our daily living, and have
   not been merged together.  Until we marry our conscious mind to our subconscious mind, we will continue to receive  
or "feelings" that may not be clear to us, but may give us some level of daily guidance.  This in my opinion is
   why some of us have innate musical, artistic or whatever ability it may be, but do not understand why we "know" it so well.
   Subconsciously we do, but consciously our mind tells us otherwise.  Until we merge these two parts, we will not have a
   full understanding of the complete picture.  Also, the lesson in opening the abilities is to use them wisely and practically in
   service to others, so there is a value system attached to their acceptance and daily application.

   How can it be achieved to bring together the conscious and the subconscious minds to bring us greater clarity and
   personal guidance?  Well, trusting ourselves in making decisions daily without the fear of making the "wrong" decision is
   one way.  But probably the best way would be to meditate daily and get a feeling for your "inner voice" by blocking
   out daily distractions.  There will come a point where you will be able to trust and sense your "inner voice" to guide you
   in daily life.  Like an exercise program, the more of a routine you start for yourself, the more your body attunes to that
   physical routine, the more you begin to incorporate that into your daily life.  Once you find the daily meditative technique
   that works for you, practice without fear and learn to apply the guidance given from your "inner voice."

   Though there is nothing stronger than our own will power to make choices and create our lives.  In the words of Edgar
   Cayce while in trance on this topic "Yet, know that no urge, no sign, no emotion whether of a latent mental nature
   or of a material or emotional nature finding expression in the body - surpasses that birthright,
will - the factor  
   which makes the human soul, the human individual,
different from all other creatures in the earth, from all
   manifestations of God's activity."