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  Robert became aware of his natural healing abilities in the mid 90's.  He 
  has since been bringing healing to others assisting in the areas of  
 diabetes, cancer, arthritis, smoking, muscle pains and general body
 stiffness and recovery.  Through his psychic readings he has brought
 clarity and direction in the areas of personal life path direction/soul
 purpose for clients.

 He completed his educational studies in Social Work, Human Resources 
 and Web Design, but his personal interest and intention was in becoming
 a Software Trainer.  He has since committed his work to offering
 personal direction to his clients through his readings and healings.  His 
 natural abilities encompass Tarot, Astrology, Numerology,
, Palm Readings, Dowsing, Tea Leaf Readings, Psychometry and seeing Auras.
  He is also a Reiki Master.

  He has been involved in events across the city and his partnerships have included Bayview Village,
  CIBC, Royal LePage, TD Bank, The Learning Annex, Whole Life Expo, Breakfast Television,
  Global TV, Rogers Communications, Arato Entertainment, Katz Consulting, Rogers Cable,
  Humber College, Seneca College, George Brown College, among others.

  This web site is devoted to the education of the various healing arts and how they can be used to
  provide "education and empowerment" for others and assist them in making clearer, more
  informed decisions for their future.  Information may be obtained, but personal free will is
  the guiding factor.


                                                  The purpose of this web site is to give clarity and direction to those seeking assistance.  I am not a
                                                  certified medical practitioner, so please consult your doctor on any medical advice given.

                                                   " Each soul is accountable unto its Maker for what it does with its opportunities at each
                                                     and every turn of its experiences in that we call life in the earth's plane." 
                                                     Edgar Cayce (335-B-1)