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                   Over the past several years, the amount and variety of events I have had the opportunity to share my readings in

               are just as diverse as the readings themselves.  I have taken part in many events and continue to get referrals for them. 

               I keep myself open to all possibilities.  Below is a list of the types of events that I have covered in the past.  If you are

               planning on having a future event and would like to add intrigue and sparkle, please contact me as I would be more

               than happy to share in your event and add an element of entertainment and insight for your guests.
                                                            Corporate                                Private
                                                            Fundraising                              House Warmings
                                                            Showers                                  Jack and Jill's
                                                            Boat Cruises                            Birthday Parties
                                                            Bar Mitzvahs                           Employee Recognition Parties
                                                            Baby Showers                         Holiday Events (Halloween, Christmas,
                                                                                                                  Easter, Long Weekend, etc...)
                                                            Media/Business Launches          Anniversaries

                                                            Speaking engagements including: Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Motivational
               Readings that I have done at these events cover: Astrology, Palm Readings, Tea Cups, Numerology, Tarot Cards
               and Runes.
               The list is quite extensive as you can see, so please contact me for more information on rates, group sizes, location,

               and length of your event.