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Reiki Description

                                   What is it?:  Reiki (pronounced Ray - Key) is a simple, harmless and effective
                       ancient hands on healing technique whereby the practitioner can assist the client
                       to heal and help themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

                            How does it work:  By the use of proven ancient healing symbols, the practitioner
                       allows the universal life force energy to flow through them into the client by a
                       simple laying on of hands.  This can be done both by one on one sessions, as well
                       as using symbols for long distance healing where the practitioner and client are not

                            How does the client know it is working:  Typical sensations felt by the client
                       are tingling, cold, heat and magnetized repulsion (push-pull).  During a session,
                       it is common for the client to feel these sensations both where the hands are being
                       layed on the body, as well as other parts where the hands are not positioned. 
                       Typically the energy will flow where it is needed without the aid of being directed
                       by the practitioner.

                            What does Reiki helpReiki is a healing energy that promotes self-healing, helps
                       reduce stress, helps relieve pain, can speed up medical recovery, can help to
                       ground you and give an overall feeling of well being.  Reiki is great for people,
                       animals and plants.  Reiki is also versatile and it has no boundaries as it can be
                       done long distance.  Reiki is wonderful for children, adults and seniors.

                                                                           $40 1/2 hour

                                                                           $80 1 hour 

                            *Not to be used in place of medical help, but can be used in compliment to
                        medical help*

                                   * Visits can be made as I do have a portable Reiki table*  Please contact me
                          for more information







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