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                                                                                                        Saturn Return: Rite of Passage
                                                                                          (Cycle of Maturity)
                                                                                            27-30 and 55-60
In astrology, the years between 27-30 are considered to be one of the most infamous milestones in our lives.  By those
                     trained in astrology, it is looked upon as a time of trepidation, caution and awareness, by those who have been through
                     it, there is a sigh of relief.  Usually by 30 the cycle has completed and the transformation is complete.

                     The planet Saturn has long been given a rap as a planet of trouble as it represents our karma, from previous lifetimes. 
                     Many look at it and see it where our troubles lie, where there are restrictions in life, and where we can expect to find the
                     majority of our earthly problems.  Though many of these things are true, without the planet Saturn, we would probably
                     never mature into the souls we are meant to be, without encountering what it is that we need to learn, grow into and
                     understand in our lives in order to get on with our soul’s mission.

                     Even the glyph of Saturn represents restriction, as we have the cross of matter above what seems to be a hook on the
                     bottom.  The “hook like” part of the glyph is the symbolism of our lessons.  Saturn has a way of having us go through
                     our lessons without us getting around them.  Symbolically, the hook like shape on the bottom of the glyph represents the
                     restriction of “hooking us into” our life lessons representing our maturity when we go through them and learn what we
                     have to learn.

                     None of us is without this placement so all of us has some sort of “special” lesson to learn in our soul growth.  This is
                     our cycle of soul maturing in a nutshell.  It can also be likened to what can be termed our first mini “Mid life crisis.” 
                     Because in essence it is a crisis of sorts.  This is where we re-evaluate what our lives are for ourselves, what am I
                     meant to do, what direction should I take, what it is that I have been born for?  All of these questions are legitimate,
                     profound and mature.  It is our awakening, if you will, of leaving the child behind and becoming the adult we are meant
                     to become.

                     Some common life experiences that one may experience in this time period are: buying a house for the first time,
                     starting our family, getting our first full-time job, changing residence, buying our first car, maybe even having
                     a complete career change, or for some of us,
going back to school.  On the flip side: this could be where people
                     divorce, lose their house, have to start over in their career, experience the loss of a dear one for the first time
                     in life, experience financial

                     The key thing to know and understand in our Saturn return is that whatever lessons we are meant to learn and go through,
                     are there to better us on a soul level.  They are not meant to punish us or cause us pain.  But our resistance to them can
                     cause us pain.  Generally speaking, if you are “on” your life path mission, the universe will provide the next creative
                     step for you and add to make your life more fulfilling and purposeful.  If you are not “on” your life path, the universe will strip
                     away what is not needed and breakdown the unnecessary “stuff” that is blocking you.  If you can learn to recognize what
                     that is, your transition will not be that tough.  If you cannot see it and resist the change, you will experience your greatest
                     hour of tribulation.

                     It is also important to note that Saturn return’s take 2 ½ years to complete.  This is because Saturn takes 29 ½ years to
                     travel through your birth chart one time.  It spends 2 ½ years in every house it enters, thereby, teaching us something in
                     our lives at any one given time.

                     In having your birth chart done and knowing where Saturn is, one can get a clear understanding of what “area” the lesson
                     is in (by the placement of the house Saturn is in) as well as the quality of the lesson (the sign Saturn is in) that we are
                     meant to learn.  For example: if Saturn is natally in your 6th house (House of work) in the sign of Gemini (communication),
                     the individual’s lesson could be to learn how to “speak up” at work on a daily basis.  Saturn is lessons and Gemini is
                     communication.  If Saturn is natally in our 2nd house (Possessions $$), in the sign of Taurus (our own money,
                     values and
beliefs), the lesson could be to learn to value your own money and not be a spendthrift, and also to create
                     and stand by your personal beliefs and values without getting influenced by others. 

                     This can be quite traumatic for an individual if not handled with responsibility, maturity, and patience.  At whatever age
                     the first return hits you, simply double the age and you will have roughly the time of your second return which is commonly
                     referred to as the “Mid life crisis” we so commonly hear.

                     As Saturn is an earth sign, there is a quality of practicality, reality and being grounded as we go through this cycle in our
                     lives.  So keep attentive as to what life is telling you and understand as best you can what your birth chart reveals if you
                     choose to have it done.